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Hello there! My name is Lucas, and I started Specialty Coffee Tours as a way for me to share my passion by teaching people about the liquid magic that is coffee, while also bringing well-deserved attention to some of the best coffee makers and roasters in Seattle. I’ve come to realize that many people are deeply curious about the intricacies of coffee, but often find the idea of striking up a conversation with their barista intimidating due to the fear of asking “dumb” questions. But hey, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Before I knew anything about coffee I once tried to order a 12oz macchiato *shakes my head in shame*. This tour is for both people who know nothing about coffee, and even those who think they know everything. It is for curious minds and friendly folks. Ask all the questions you want. I used to teach preschool, so if you feel like you are asking a dumb question I can promise you that I’ve heard dumber.

The spots we will visit are chosen on a basis of historical significance, quality, and ingenuity. Each location will come with a background of the coffee shop/roaster’s history and what makes them so special and worth visiting. During the tour you will learn about the origins of coffee, its history in Seattle, and the culture of the modern specialty coffee scene. You'll also learn all about how it is grown, harvested, processed, and roasted.

Tour sizes are kept small, with a maximum limit of four people. This is to ensure a more intimate experience where it’s easier to have conversations and ask questions…and also because securing seats for groups larger than five in coffee shops can be difficult…and because I personally don’t really like large groups of people. So I guess you could say this tour is very introvert-friendly *awkward high five*.

Consistently Rated 5 Stars

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“Lucas did a great job on the tour. He gave the history of each coffeeshop as well as the history of coffee, roasting, and the anatomy of the coffee bean. It's evident he his knowledgeable and passionate about coffee and sharing his story with others. We looked at a few different tours around town and am very happy with choosing Lucas.”



“Literally the best experience I’ve had in Seattle. Seriously the nicest guy ever. Took his time. Had great personable skills. Laid back. He made me feel welcome and like someone I could actually hang out with. The coffee places were neat and had cool back stories. All around WONDERFUL experience. You will get some great education on this.”


“I had so much fun with Lucas! This was my first time traveling alone and first time in Seattle, I ended up being the only person on the tour for this day, and it ended up being such a fun and intriguing experience. Lucas is so friendly, personable, and welcoming. He inspired me to seek out the history of coffee culture in my own home city!”


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Currently the only tour I am hosting is in the Downtown neighborhood, but there are plans for many more in the works! For the Downtown Tour our first stop is a roaster that offers exceptional espresso beverages in a somewhat hidden, warm, and exceptionally designed space. They also have an awesome in-house baking program. The second stop will be with a coffee roaster that is relatively new to the scene, starting as a bottled cold-brew company selling to retailers such as PCC and Whole Foods. The final location is a roaster that truly sets the bar in all levels of the specialty industry.

At his point in time I am being hosted on, and receiving bookings through, Air BnB. You can check current availability and book a tour using the widget posted to the right. You can also view this tour on Air BnB's "Experiences" page by clicking here.


Where we'll meet:

In front of Left Bank Books, at the intersection of Pike Street & 1st Avenue



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