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My First Blog Post

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

A blog where I’ll write things coffee related, such as this: a blog post about coffee blogging.

First blog post complete hurrayyyyy.

(literally just doing this because it’s on the Wix checklist for setting up a website, and checking things off a checklist is very satisfying. Satisfying coffee? Fuck, I don’t know, it’s 1:10 am and I can’t sleep because my upstairs neighbor is playing bass-heavy music at an unreasonable volume. DAMN YOU JASON! love you but DAMN YOU!! Oh wait, it could also be because of the Americano I had at like 17:30 (military time is the shit, get used to it) which is usually a bad combo with my generalized anxiety disorder, especially considering I’m off my meds because l quit my job to do this coffee thing, and a couple other things, and haven’t quite figured out medical insurance yet haha oooops. But yeah, went to Olympia Coffee Roasters in West Seattle. That’s my go-to for this neighborhood. Phenomenal coffee. Dope Baristas. Cool interior...uncomfortable seating. Tiny tables. Come on guys, what’s with the tiny tables? I get it, you don’t want people spending too much time in the cafe. But tiny Tables and uncomfortable seating be damned! I’ll still spend two hours in your coffee shop despite the back pain and lack of space to splay out my important looking notes and other papers. I have an image of looking like I’m working on something important to uphold, and spending an unreasonable amount of time splaying out my work in a cool looking coffee shop is VITAL to that image. Do you guys ever get bothered by all the kids that get brought in here? I mean, they are mostly little cuties, but, damn, some parents are creating walking migraines for the rest of society. Your child is too damn big to be running around this tiny coffee shop and using the counter for pull-ups Karen! When people say “you shouldn’t say ”no” to your kids”, that doesn’t mean you don’t set any boundaries for them, it means taking the time to phrase things in a more understanding fashion for the child, such as “Hey Sam, let’s use our walking feet when we’re inside and wait until we’re at the playground for you to climb on things. This is a small place of business where running and climbing is disruptive to the people around you. Also, mommy doesn’t want the baristas to resent her.” Look at that, setting reasonable boundaries, teaching consideration for others, and introducing some good vocabulary words, all in three sentences and in less than a minute. Please get off your phone and handle your child.)

Thanks for reading.



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